The Love Of Family

The Love Of Family

The Love Of Family

We praise God for family love. One of God's favorite things is togetherness.
When we gather together as one people, the Lord rewards us. "How lovely it is for brethren to dwell together," says the Bible. It indicates that living together as one family is a great thing.

There will be numerous things that happen to us as we get together.
We shall receive God's Grace, and we will flow till we finish because we have one heart and mind focused on a common purpose.
We shall accept each other when there is no impediment in our hearts.

I'm hoping you'll believe me.

As a result, we must remain together at all times since the Lord desires it.

The accuser of the brethren is Satan, and the devil and his minions' aim is to cause strife among the brethren. God desires unity, love, and peace.

If you haven't yet loved, you haven't seen God. We can't say we've seen God if we despise ourselves. Coming together is a blessing, a duty, and the path to putting an end to all evil.

According to the Bible, love is the greatest, and perfect unity results from love. We will never consider associating with others if we do not love ourselves.
In Jesus' name, may God assist us to always come together as brethren from one womb.
Do you believe God in three persons can function if there is no unity?
Jesus prayed to His Father to send out the disciples all together because they are one.
Unity brings accomplishment, efficiency, kindness, and the ability to accomplish something with ease.
Let us all come together, let us all rejoice when an event calls for it, let us all week when an event calls for it, and let us all share when we get.
Love is a potent instrument. 1Corinthians 13:13 speaks about how great love is among spiritual gifts and even hope and Faith. 
In Jesus' name, may God open our hearts and brains to love. In Jesus' name, I hope that we can join together in unity. Amen😊

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