Meet Dr. Benjamin Ghansah the Computer Scientist and Senior Lecturer At University of Education Winneba

Today marks the birthday of Doctor Benjamin Ghansah

You would love to know more about Dr. Ghansah, one of the most brilliant Ghanaian lecturers who teaches both at home and abroad, he attended Apam Senior High School in the senior high level in Ghana. 

He is a Data Analyst and a Computer Scientist with PhD. He is a lecturer and a mentor who loves to see young people improve. 

Meet Dr. Benjamin Ghansah the Computer Scientist and Senior Lecturer At University of Education Winneba

Meet Dr. Benjamin Ghansah, Senior Lecturer in Computer Science at the University of Education Winneba.

Dr. Benjamin Ghansah is a computer scientist and lecturer at the prestigious University of Education Winneba in Ghana. Dr. Ghansah earned a BSc in Computer Science, an MSc in Computer Science, and a PhD in Computer Science. He is presently a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Computer Science at DLIBT. He is also the Vice President in charge of Academics. He was the Dean and Head of the Computer Science Department at DLBIT.

Dr. Ghansah has served as an adjunct instructor at a number of prestigious universities in Ghana and overseas. Jiangsu University, Sikkim Manipal University, University of Education Winneba, University of Ghana, Valley View University, Central University, Ghana Technology University College, and BlueCrest University College are among the universities where Dr. Ghansah lectures. He also worked as an assessor at the University of Cape Coast's computer science department.

Dr. Ghansah has been teaching for 12 years and is passionate about educating and supporting young people to reach their goals.

Dr. Ghansah is a brilliant, humble, and kind lecturer. He is presently engaged at Winneba's University of Education. He has conducted research on federated search, information retrieval, information security, and machine learning. He has over 30 peer-reviewed scientific articles to his name and serves on the editorial boards of many journals.

Dr. Benjamin Ghansah has authored the following articles.

Factors that Influence Students' Decision to Choose a Particular University: A Conjoint Analysis

A review of deep machine learning

A comprehensive review of Particle swarm optimization

 Research on the virtualization technology in cloud computing environment

 Distributed Information Retrieval: Developments and Strategies

Books written by Doctor Ghansah Books By Dr. Ghansah

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Happy Birthday to you Dr. Ghansah 

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  1. Happy birthday doc, so proud of the man u have become, continue imparting knowledge

    1. Sure... Glory be to Jesus Christ. Please I would be happy if you add your name please. Doctor would be very happy cos he's reading👍

  2. Felicitious birthday to my cherished lecturer Dr.Ghansah, I can’t be laconic whiles you are celebrating your superlative day. May our Good Lord accelerate,burgeon,proliferate and accumulate your age.Whatever the enemies has pretension,bourne or plan on you by diminishing,downsizing,dwindling and minify in your age.I pray that our Lord Almighty dismantle my aspirations. Long live Doctor 🎊🎉💰💰

  3. Happy birthday sir I wish good health and Long life

  4. A dedicated and hardworking individual I have ever met.