Why you must grab opportunities and use them

 the tertiary institution is seen as a center for learning ,but I see it as a place to create entrepreneurs, opportunist and learners. An entrepreneur partners to become successful. An opportunist, never looses an opportunity to become great. 


God gave us the talent and gifts as people. we are blessed not only for ourselves  but for the sake others, we are called for others, never loose the opportunity to connect and be known 

Work hard, sleepless night will never kill you. BY QUATEH

Most messages are form men of God and christians leaders for sinners to come to Jesus Christ and entrepreneurs to grow their business. 


Funny message 

In 2021, I thought the devil wanted me to use my talents to get out of the presence of the Lord, because I hadn't learnt to balance my life well. I thought it was driving me from the love of the ministry so I decided to concentrate solely on my ministry. But something remarkable happened when I attended a program organized on campus by a renowned church.  the man of God who came was a retired  Pentecost Apostle. He ministered on  Talents and Gifts,  preached from the book of Matthew 25. That day it was like he to deliver the massage to me. He said "if you refuse to use your talent, God will judge you".  As he went further,I felt I was  being foolish for abandoning a  talent given by God. I nearly cried that day but I recieved the  passion and strength to move on with visions by God's grace. My brother, Henry who is also an entrepreneur, it seems My mother gave birth to entrepreneurs.  my elderly brother prepares Tom-brown and gets good review from others, his Tombrown was among the best in Winneba, my brother Henry attended the program with me and said he touched and inspired by the message on our way back to our hostel. 

My brother told me his plans  to start making Tombrown which he did successfully, his Tombrown was superb. We all got inspired by message from the man of God .We have a choice to work and bring our best  selves to the world. 

Please my lovely friends, talent is given unto you to make you unique. The word of God says "and thy Talents shall send you before kings and great men". What are you waiting for my brother? 

Please don't stop, don't quit that vision!!!

When you start, I tell you many people will never believe you in this life, some will make you think you are wasting your time, most your family . I started my online business at my early age but money was not coming so no one understood my works 

I tell you when my first payout came including some small amount I made from my work this year, my mother was happy, but at first she thought I was wasting time on buying credit for nothing

Your talents shall send you before kings and great men. 

I tell you "some of my colleagues are not able to come to the tertiary institution not because they can’t afford it, it’s mostly because they are not able to pass the stage they need to pass before they can come to the tertiary institution" by this time someone wants to end it all because they couldn't pass their exams. You want to exit life because of paper exam but not the biggest life exams

you can’t sit under the voice of the teacher before you become great in life. Some talents needs 2 years of school, some needs 4 years and some needs seven years. But in Ghana the normal one is 4 at the last level of education system✍🏽

Some of you need only two years of  training to come out and do what you want. While Some need seven years to become great doctors, four and three to become nurses. We are not like the white who will nature you and bring you out so that you can serve with your talents. I believe some of you don't even know what you can do now. 

 We are different people all together!! Some may go the long way before they can arrive at their destination and others will embrace their earlier... Never compare yourself to others!!! Never let people feel good to substitute you for others to come in. Be unique among them!!

[By Philip Quateh]

I discover myself when I got closer to God. I thank God Almighty, He has helped me discovered myself early. "Remember when you are burning the midnight candle, you spend some of the time to pray to God". Acknowledge Him and He shall direct your path. 

He will send you to places you never imagined because you have added him to your ACADEMICs, you have added Him to your business, you have added Him to all aspect of your life. 

May we become great in Jesus name. May we stand out in Jesus name. Amen!

Never let people belittle you for what you can't do. Don't feel bad to tell them "I don't know" but do something to prove them you are master of your of own doing and you will market yourself very easily than  announcing with your mouth but by actions . 

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