you must be aware you are more than a church member

 Hello friends, I want to share with you a secrete that can help you and I know our identity in Christ Jesus besides our purpose on earth as believers of God. 

I pray anyone who reads this message to the end sincerely will recieve the power to breakthrough with ease in Jesus name 👉🏾

 Beloved reading my status, I am touched enough by the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ to share with you this message. I believe you will get the understanding and it will send you to different dimension in your christian life. 

As you read may the Holy Spirit open up your spirit and eat this word in Jesus name. You will be enlightened🔥. Amen in Jesus name🔥🥰👉🏾

The message I have for you of which I bear in my spirit by God's grace is that _*"you must be aware you are more than a church member".*_


Can I humbly tell you why? 

Kindly give me yes if you are sincerely reading]


 Ephesians 4:11-12

[11]And he gave some, apostles; and some, prophets; and some, evangelists; and some, pastors and teachers;

[12]For the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ:


[Read this scripture and follow me]The purpose of the men of God or the ministers is to perfect the saints which are said to be church members, besides another purpose of their calling is to make members ministers. 

Our fathers in the Lord raises us to become ministers of the gospel and we are not kept in the church as "believers in the zoo". We must graduate from common members into the apostleship of our divine calling of which of not by the selection of men but of God Himself.Gone were the days where the Apostles will elect believers through the spiritual revealations and anoint them to become Shepherds, Teachers, Apostles or Prophets to help edify the body of Christ Jesus. I truely know it is still happening in some churches. This is the same way Stephen, Philip the Evangelist, Timothy and many more believers were later recruited into Ministry by the divine power of God and the laying of hands of the Apostles. 

When they see some qualities in you and the little inspiration or revelation they get about you from the spirit, then you qualify for the ministry.

Romans 12:4-8

[4]For as we have many members in one body, and all members have not the same office:

[5]So we, being many, are one body in Christ, and every one members one of another.

[6]Having then gifts differing according to the grace that is given to us, whether prophecy, let us prophesy according to the proportion of faith;

[7]Or ministry, let us wait on our ministering: or he that teacheth, on teaching;

[8]Or he that exhort

What God opens up to us is not by the will of our shepherds but by His will. Where God wants to send us to is not by the will of the shepherds but by the will of the Lord God Almighty. Every calling is a high calling according to the bible, whether you are to advice, whether you are to move into the Apostolic calling or the Prophetic, "God's purpose is for us all to be edified but not modified by the philosophies of men nor through the sweet words of men".


Today how well do we discern to know whom the Holy Spirit have graduated into the ministry? 

Peter was called but not schooled, many of them were not even formally educated but yet still they were elected. 

Today the philosophy is said to elect only people with degree🤔.

But my bible tells me every calling is a high calling.

Why have those who are either less previlidged to have high formal education or those who were not able to school at all still not recorgnized in the church?

The Apostles chose men for the work of the ministry because the were inspired enough by the Spirit buy today we have allowed certain philosophy take over the idealogy of the high calling of men irrespective of degree. 

There are many people who are kept in the church as if they are in the zoo for years because they were not able to enter into the university. We have at times substitute the work of the Spirit with our own theories. 

How can you then expect to flow in the likeness of the Apostles of old?

There are many people who have spiritual graduated and are well trained to take certain seat or offices but the leaders are not allowing them, and when some people with higher qualifications in education enter into the ministry of which is acceptable and approved of God but does not necessarily mean they are all approved of God assume seat, most of them shut the mouth of other people with high calling but less previlidged in higher education. They don't recorgnise them much at times and expect to flow in every sphere of ministry. The disrespected and unrecognized Apostle who could move the church is sitting down and not even called b'cos he couldn't enter into the tetiary level.

Most churches are gaining members though but lacks the flow of power of spirit to move men's heart sincerely. Now many churches have turned into business, administrative cooperative organization b'cos we are trying to omit certain things.Mercy!

Beloved I don't mean if you have entered into the tetiary level you are not approved of God or you should be seen inferior like some who couldn't enter into tetiary are seen. 

How many churches are moved to see whom God have chosen as an Apostle among the members?

The missionary that came to Africa who moved Africa with higher amount power of God most of the churches today affiliate to their missionary works, we are inspired enough any time we read about them but we are not doing what they did to attain that level of power or oil to move the heart of men.

How many Pentecostal preachers or Pastors wants to be like Reinhard Bonnke my mentor? 

How any of us wants to be like Mceon? 

How many of us wants to be like Benson Iddahosa? 

How many of us here wants to be like Peter in the bible? 

I have called out fathers who sincerely moved the body of Christ Jesus. These people were not rejected because they didn't enter into the tetiary level. I stand to be corrected but as much as I have read about these men of God I know they didn't entered into tetiary level before they were elected or ordained into the priesthood yet the moved the churches then and now even they have all gone. 

What I want us to know is "the calling of God upon us is higher calling and it does not need higher level of formal education to operate". It God who chooses where He wants to send you to and where you wants you to pass before coming out into the limelight. We have putten many spiritual Apostles to be in zoo for long. There are many youths like Timothy having higher calling that must be given the opportunity to serve God but they are still seen to be young and the same prayer warriors as they use to be. We have our own criteria for recruiting them into the calling but forsaken that qualities of the spirit. Most of the firebrands are sitting down. How are the churches today discerning enough to know whom the Spirit have chosen? 

This people later move out of the church and we think they are all proud. How do you aspect a person with fire be stand still instead of moving? 👉🏾🔥 . I don't know why God did not choose anyone from or among the school of prophets when Elijah was deperting but Elisha. I don't know why Jesus made Apostle Paul the rock on which the church was built instead of taking the tax collector who might have higher education than Peter. 

We don't enquire anymore from the Lord but we use our philosophies to jump into conclusion just to choose anyone who is willing and have entered into the tetiary level.This end time the devil have also raise philosophical Pastors to come and counteract the truth of God. 

We must train our members how to catch the fish and we shouldn't fish for them all the time besides let them be put into office those whom God have elected and they have graduated through the Spirit and are approved of God. 

When you have members your work is to train them become ministers. We are to edify ourselves

Let them in those who must be in and in perfect unity we will touch powerful dimensions😊👁️

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