Be A Wise Man - Faith for living

Easy-to-Read Version Proverbs 27:12 Wise people see trouble coming and get out of its way, but fools go straight to the trouble and suffer for it.

Wow, I think this is a clearer sentence. This statement gives us clarity and we don't any interpreter. But I will like to write something that we will learn very well from. 

Glory be to the Lord for the gift of life and good morning to you.

There is a comparison made between the wise and the fool here, the wise man's decisions saves his own life but the fool embraces problem even whenever he sees problems approaching. 🤔

In real life no one will accept to be a foolish man, it's obvious we all see ourselves to be wise but when we point our lives to the word of God like pointing the DNS records of domains we will see that we mismatch.

I wouldn't like to call a man foolish as even the bible charges us not to call a man "foolish nor raca", but let point our own lives to scripture, if you are wise you can see it from here or if the other way round kindly work harder to become a wise man✍🏽

Have you heard of heaven and hell? 

What is your take?

I know there are many people who are against the word of God, but if you truly bring the word of God to our daily living you will see almost whatever Jesus said about the end in Matthew 24 has come to pass concerning the end time including what the Apostle said in 2Timothy 3:1- and the chapter 4. 

When God asked Noah to build the ark, there were many people who were mocking him, bible says many gave themselves to marriages, they were celebrating and doing whatever they wanted to do. They forsook the word of God and thought Noah had no work to do. So Noah preached about righteousness and no one got the heart to repent, this was the first time Salvation was announced but no man got the heart to run for his or her life and God destroyed the land with water in fierce anger but Noah and the 8 persons were saved. Due to their foolishness they made void of God's words and they were brought to total destruction. Hmmm I thought from this clue humanity will learn sense out of it but we could see there were some activities that happened even after the destruction during Noah's time. 

Men of Sodom and Gomorra had no regard for the Lord and they did what goes contrary to the word of God and God destroyed their land totally with fire. 

Now it's our turn 🥺

What will happen to the men of disobedience has been said or written already but men had no regard for the word of God despite the daily preachings of the end time🤔.

So God has said in His word , He's going to destroy the world with fire. The souls that will not enter into God's kingdom will enter into the lake of fire. 

No mercy for a soul that will not live a righteous life even if God took 15 years to create you. He did not spare the angels who ered so He will do to mankind who will not have regard for God's words.

Easy-to-Read Version Matthew 24:37-39 “When the Son of Man comes, it will be the same as what happened during Noah’s time. In those days before the flood, people were eating and drinking, marrying and giving their children to be married right up to the day Noah entered the boat. They knew nothing about what was happening until the flood came and destroyed them all. “It will be the same when the Son of Man comes.

If you are a wise man you will persue the kingdom of God. 

Please let this be our goal that the end of the day we will make it to heaven. Even the ancient Egyptians believed there's a life after death and soul that did wrong will be purnished but a soul that lived justly will be rewarded.

 Let us all be wise and embrace the kingdom of God, Jesus is coming soon. Even with this said, if you know He has tarried for long, it's because of our salvation and know that you may even die before His second coming so the question is, where will you be?

Look for life now Whiles you are on earth, embrace life because it's appointed for a man to die ones and after that there is a judgement. Hide your pride because of education, businesses, fame etc, you will see and know it all did not make any match sense than your own soul. 

My friend, my brothers and sisters, my own fathers please where are we going after death or when Jesus comes now where will you be? 

I know you may be my own friend or brother and you are reading my status but you are not saved, please there is a place I must tell you about, a place of total rest, a place of joy, a lovely and lively place of glory, let us pursue this place made for you and I. Come to Jesus today, He is the only way to the kingdom of God and that place. Forget the world and join me today. If you don't have Jesus who gives the salvation "heaven visa" please kindly WhatsApp me now. To take Jesus as your Lord and personal savior, please kindly call me now, please I mean now😭 

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Please call now I am waiting, heaven awaits as well.

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Thank you my lovely brothers and sisters in the Lord. 

You are highly favored❤‍🔥








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