Believe In Jesus Christ The Man Who Redeemed Us

 Believe In Jesus Christ The Man Who Redeemed Us

A friend told me he had preferred to be a plant in heaven than to come to earth if the Lord told him he was bringing him to the earth/worldūü§≠

I strongly agree with the Ecleccia, he said everything is "vanity upon vanity!!. 

It's just funny at times, sometimes burdensome and sometimes we seem to feel okay with all that comes in and goes. 

Life is too short...we appear like a flower and quickly depart from the surface of the earth like the shadow. 

Believe In Jesus Christ The Man Who Redeemed Us

What glory does a man have on earth? 

May we go to where we were sent from without we missing our ways

Life is sometimes like the white movies that tells a tragedics story on how Students goes for an excursion for about a week but some dies right at the site seeing grounds... You see vampires, friendnemies, and other obstacles or hazardous substances that embraces the entities and the end product of the victims is death.

A lot of people have missed their ways. 

Others have forgotten they are in for site seeing. 

Humans are wondering and even animals. 

We know ourselves and we have surely noticed where we heading towards unless you've decided not to believe. 

All those who compromise, murmur or cry, I try hard to comfort them on our journey, I knew it wasn't the wish of their souls to embrace wickedness they came to meet it.

This is reality!

On the ground was no help some couple of years ago and a man sent His Son to come and redeem us. 

So on the site seeing where there was vampires, snakes, friendnemies, strange beings were all nullified by the power of that man. 

That man gave a condition. 

He said "run to me all those who are suffering and I will save you or you will perish".

We also have others who have no power on their own, who do not know how to escape but they still felt proud and does not believe in the man who's capable of saving them. 

They still have evidences and can see the difference those saved are making but yet still the rest are just there with unbelief. 

Beloved what name will you give to my friends who are not believing?

I am here to present Christ Jesus the Lord God to you. You must believe in Him. He's our redeemer, I know you will ask then why did He brought us to this earth. He has given all us all assignments, and we are also to worship Him, yours is to know Him and you must stop all the fight and qurerrel within for come what may we are on earth. Believe in the Lord and humble your heart for it is appointed for a man to die once and after death there is a judgement. 

Many people feels proud and they think they need no God in their lives but God is still giving them His right hand of salvation till the day Grace will expire. Stop the complaints, stop the compromises and embrace life while it is available. 

Thank you very much and God bless you for reading. 

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