Don't Loose This Destiny Helpers In Your Life

 Don't Loose This Destiny Helpers In Your Life

Don't Loose This Destiny Helpers In Your Life

Hello dear ones, good day to you all. 

I want to share with you a powerful message on prayers. 

It's a powerful testimony and message as well to encourage the Body Of Christ. 

By the grace of God I have been praying with a friend for about a month every midnight for an hour. At first we were three but the other friend decided to stop without giving me any better reasons, so we became two praying every midnight in their room. That my friend who decided to stop the prayers is in two in a room with the one I usually pray with whiles I am in one in a room, I have to go to their room and pray with them. I was wondering why this my friend will never join us pray. Just last week we were praying and we lifted up our voices a bit during the midnight... All what I could hear the guy do was an intensive prayer whiles he was asleep. I looked at the guy while praying and I was shocked because he has not prayed with us for numerous of days. 

In the morning I approached him and asked "ahhh, I heard you praying but you were asleep what was happening to you?"

He told me, "I saw my parents laying hands on me and praying for me."

I said wow. 

We have been walking together and doing other stuffs together but I have given messages on prayers. I have asked him several times why he's not praying but he's telling me nothing. 

I believe through this he will learn why he should pray. 


It's an opportunity for to come closer to people who have such a prayer lifestyle. If you miss them you miss them forever and if you don't build your prayer life from there you may not build it again.

God brings prayerful people into our lives so that we will also get the impact and pray for the rest of the journey ahead of us. 

If you are too weak, God will send someone to come and help you, yours is to humble your heart and join them and you shall also be built as an alter. 

Don't feel proud, God did not gave you everything from the onset, sometimes it takes a destiny helper who is also another man to come into your aid for you to be built.

My life has been affected positively by the people I came into contact with. Because I humbled myself and learned from them I either tapped into their grace or I was build by God through their lifestyle. 

I am not bragging with what I can do in the body of Christ, please the wise should read and take it to heart. 

Your destiny helpers will not all come at once. They will come one by one in every step of your life or race. 

Some of them are prayerful people who will come and make massive impact in your life. Some of them will come to help you financially. 

Becareful, if you miss them, you will miss so many things in your life. 

Be very vigilant, when they come embrace them and hide your pride. 

God helps men through men. 

Be very wise!!!!

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