Before agreeing to a marriage, consult the Lord

 Before Agreeing to a Marriage, Consult the Lord

Before Agreeing to a Marriage, Consult the Lord

You must tell the Lord about the new person you've met and ask Him if that person is the suitable partner for you.

Before getting married, while getting ready, after the wedding, while planning the wedding, while praying for the marriage, and while praying for God's will for the marriage.

Before entrusting anything to a guy, we must question the Lord, "God, is he or she my suitable partner to be?"

It might be bittersweet when you marry someone just to discover they are not your actual match, even though it is important and there is nothing wrong with asking the Lord.

The sayings of those in the globe are, "We have numerous ladies on earth with varied sizes and colors; you can choose them or the one you want after acquiring money or a proper job to complete." It should be a lady that God has properly prepared for you to fulfill your role on earth, not just a woman of your choice.

There is a proverb that states that every successful guy has a good woman by his side.

You are not required to marry every type of woman or man. Many people today get married without even asking their own fathers for permission.

It is best to tell your parents about your engagement before getting married in the place where your future spouse resides. Because they were there before you, ask them.

There are certain homes that lack a godly disposition. People who are evil, such as thieves, witches, cursed people, and god slaves, etc.

So you must inform him.

Due of his advanced age, Abraham dispatched his servant to look for a wife for Isaac to wed in his native country. 

The servant was so intelligent and valued his master's words that he prayed to the Lord for a sign of the proper companion. This is because there were numerous women, women of various stature, temperament, and color; he had to consult the Lord about who to chose for Isaac.

Easy-to-Read Version Genesis 24:12-14 The servant said, “Lord, you are the God of my master Abraham. Please show your kindness to my master by helping me find a wife for his son Isaac. Here I am, standing by this well of water, and the young women from the city are coming out to get water. I will say to one of them, ‘Please put your jar down so that I can drink.’ Let her answer show whether she is the one you have chosen for your servant Isaac. If she says, ‘Drink, and I will also give water to your camels,’ I will know that she is the right one. It will be proof that you have shown kindness to my master.”

We need to ask Him about the wedding. It's crucial to pray for your marriage after it ends.

Some people choose to marry anyone of their choosing without consulting the Lord or descending; instead, they are simply led by lust and affections and are forced to deal with a lot of hardships in life.

This is due to the possibility that the partner is not the ideal match for you.

Ask God to grant you a godly wife starting today who will work alongside you to further His purposes. a morally upright woman who could be your helpmate.

Others claim that their father can even advise them about the woman/man they wish to marry, perhaps to end the connection, or because the father is well familiar with the family's history and heritage, but they refuse and continue to marry as they choose.

Easy-to-Read Version Genesis 28:7 Esau learned that Jacob obeyed his father and his mother and went to Paddan Aram.

We must also comply. Though this is not the case in our time, it is critical that your father provide you with such instruction.

He told him to depart since, amid all the people, he knew his family and understood what he was saying.

He is not allowed to marry from any other country, family, or town than his own.

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