A man's name is his identity, and it carries power. Because a name is a word, its meaning bears weight. Even in the spiritual world, a witch, wizard, or malicious person will use your name to do something awful to you. This article discusses all of the names your parents give you. A man's advancement in life is also influenced by his name.

If you will take your time and read to the end it will help you a lot and you shall be a blessing. 

Some names have meanings that are exceedingly unpleasant, very awful, and terribly tragic. If you go to Africa, for example, families name their children after their children's fate since it's a bad term. We are going to learn from several biblical characters who represent what we are studying today.

First and foremost, consider Jabez, an honorable guy whose name represents sadness or agony. This man was well-known, a decent and lovely man, yet he was plagued by agony.

Easy-to-Read Version 1 Chronicles 4:9-10 Jabez was a very good man, who was better than his brothers. His mother said, “I have named him Jabez because I was in much pain when I had him.” Jabez prayed to the God of Israel and said, “I pray that you would bless me and give me more land! Be near me and don’t let anyone hurt me! Then I will not have any pain.” God gave Jabez what he asked for.

There are many people in our societies who appear to have done well in life; they strive hard to make it in life, but they also fail frequently. Most of the time, the problem is not because they don't know how to save money, work with little, or reason, but because they carry a name that causes them to lose everything when they acquire small or large things in life. It's extremely terrible, I know most parents are very uneducated and give you any name merely to help others recognize you, but they never consider the implications the name might have on your life.

Names have a lot of power.

Another person is Benjamin. 

Easy-to-Read Version Genesis 35:16-18 Jacob and his group left Bethel. Before they came to Ephrath, Rachel began giving birth to her baby. She was having a lot of trouble with this birth. She was in great pain. When her nurse saw this, she said, “Don’t be afraid, Rachel. You are giving birth to another son.” Rachel died while giving birth to the son. Before dying, she named the boy benoni. But Jacob called him Benjamin.

Benoni can also refer to sadness. This may have made Benjamin's life miserable. People do not think about these factors while giving names. Names are extremely significant, and we must use extreme caution while naming our children.

Never name your child or someone else's child after a bad condition or event. Give the child a good name if you truly want the child to succeed. Most Voltarians in Ghana name their children Wonderful, Praise, Glory, Alswell, Philip, and so on because they understand the significance of names.

Don't play with people's lives!

If you have a nasty name from your parents, please pray about it like Jabez did, or if feasible, change it for your own good.

I heard a prophet tell someone that he is  struggling due of the name they given to the him.

Please, if you have a name that was given to you by your parents which is evil, do well and alter it; a bad name may limit your borders, keep your assistance away from you, and cause you to lose your destiny or nice things. Please understand that this is not a joke; if any name is excellent, Jacob would never change Benjamin's name from Benoni to Benjamin.

What is your name?

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