Ministry is similar to a burton in God's designs. There are seasons and decades that I think God uses to give over mantles from men of God in positions to new and emerging ones.

Positions have been passed down from the time of the Old Testament, as seen by the narrative of Elijah and Elisha.

When the time came for God to send Elijah to heaven, he had to let Elijah give over the mantle to Elisha first.

Beloved, I am delivering a truthful message to you, not a fake narrative I have assembled as a piece to make it sound nice to you or seem pleasant to be reading or entertaining.

Observe this and you shall come across God's purpose in this very season. 

Before God will bring you to the forefront, He must first ensure that those at the forefront are resting or, for other reasons, He must raise others up to take their places.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you are not absent.

If Elisha had not been present, he would have lost the magnificent cloak that God had entrusted to Elijah.

You must constantly be in the spirit, always be present in the spirit. It took the prophets to inform Elisha that the master would be leaving the next day.

When you are not in the spirit, or when you are doing anything that pulls you away from the line, you may lose something significant that can propel your ministry from one level to the next.

Acts 1:20

[20]For it is written in the book of Psalms, Let his habitation be desolate, and let no man dwell therein: and his bishoprick let another take.

It breaks my heart to think that what has been prepared for you for so long will be ripped away from you and handed to someone else. When you go spiritually offline, the moment comes when they need someone to fill the position and can't find you, so it has to be given to someone else for whom it was not intended.

It's very disappointing when you work for a while and don't get paid because you didn't wait long enough in the spirit realm.

Hmmm, there were ministers who were supposed to take certain big positions and mantles, but they were not in line, and someone else took their place.

When God wants to get you out of the system, he simply raises someone above you and makes that person take what is rightfully yours. This is exactly what happened to Saul.

It wasn't Saul's time to go, but because of what he did that was opposed to God's will, God had to raise David to replace him, even though Saul wasn't dead yet. Saul lost authority and control, and God transformed the people's hearts to follow David since he was the new king God brought into play.

There are so many things you could do that would cause someone to assume your place; be sure you don't do those things or someone else will preach the sermons you should preach, sing the songs you should sing, and pray the way you should pray and command blessings in territories.

Please discern and be in line, pray, and keep yourself Holy throughout this season. Let no one make your robe filthy, let no damsel or lad steal your splendor; it may take a long time before your long-awaited magnificent destiny begins to appear. Wait for the manifestation in prayers, sobbing and being cautious.

This is the time! 

This is the time! 

This is the time! 

I had a dream in which I saw people lined up in a long line with great ministers of God in the front, standing at a point and sharing something with everyone in the line. In the dream, another great man of God would appear and change another great man of God to continue the sharing, and I saw Eastwood Anaba and other great men of God, and we were on the cue. When your turn comes, the great man of God on duty at the moment will come and present to you what must be handed to you. They were sharing something for us, so when I awoke, I felt strongly like they were passing over something to us that we were in possession of.

God wishes to bring about revival in our day, please be in line while the fathers are going or departing, pray, and remain there so that someone else does not take your place.

Now I will like you to pray now. 

Pray with these prayer topics I have labeled at the bottom now;

1. Pray that your habitation will not be desolate. Ask God to make your habitation fruitful  

2 Pray that God will bring your people to you. People that God has gathered for you since the beginning of time, may no one leave your territory whom God has given you. 

3. Pray that no man will take your biahoprick. May no man take your ministry, may no man take your glory. Pray with a heartfelt prayer. This prayer can save you. 

God bless you abundantly; pray for 30 minutes or more as you are led, and I believe the Lord will keep you until the end.

Oh Lord God, Most Gracious Father, may you continue to have mercy on us, and may no one take our position or take away what is rightfully ours. Keep us as you kept David, and keep us safe on this journey in Jesus' name. May we fulfill our destiny, and may we fulfill our calling in Jesus' mighty name. Amen

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