Fasting and prayer are critical components of our Christian journey. If we truly wish to soar further in the realms of the spirit, we must keep these two things in mind.

Most of the time, Jesus warned the disciples to pray. Prayer, as we say, is the key to our breakthrough in our ministry, financial life, spiritual life, and anything else that pertains to our lives on earth in order to realize God's purpose for our lifes.

A man must fast and pray on a regular basis in order to truly achieve greatness in the spirit realm.

When an eagle notices that its fingers are growing blunt, its wings are becoming old, and other parts of its body are not like the first, it travels to a cave to strengthen itself.

This eagle is a highly strong bird among the birds, with extremely significant characteristics that the bible utilizes as advise for us Christians or believers.

The eagle can spend more than a month in the cave, hiding or being alone, pounding the beak against a stone or a rock until all of its feathers are gone. When she has successfully eliminated everything, she will wait for it to develop again before releasing it into the world.

She becomes quite keen after this period of concealment, she sees very far and can catch a fish with ease since she gets highly concentrated owing to the new strength of the wings and feathers.

The beak gets more shaped, making it easier to break apart predators. The most difficult part of their life is concealing and striking, yet it is absolutely required. This is true for Christians. The more you hide, the more you become the new self, and so the more powerful you become.

To achieve the strength of an eagle adored, fasting and prayers are two things that may help you obtain these with easily even in the midst of a trying time.

For 40 days and nights, Jesus Christ fasted and prayed while eating nothing.

 Easy-to-Read Version Matthew 4:2 Jesus ate nothing for 40 days and nights. After this, he was very hungry.

Even though Jesus was God, He had to fast and pray in the desert in order to achieve power and authority in the spirit realm as He had arrived on earth

When you observe this time on earth, you become much more shaper, and the Lord renews your strength.

Easy-to-Read Version Isaiah 40:28-31 Surely you know the truth. Surely you have heard. The Lord is the God who lives forever! He created all the faraway places on earth. He does not get tired and weary. You cannot learn all he knows. He helps tired people be strong. He gives power to those without it. Young men get tired and need to rest. Even young boys stumble and fall. But those who trust in the Lord will become strong again. They will be like eagles that grow new feathers. They will run and not get weak. They will walk and not get tired.

If you do not fast and pray as a Christian, devils can overpower you and you will lose strength and power. Though God has given us strength and control over Satan, if you do not pray and fast to activate such a favor, you will become extremely loose and demons may overpower you. Don't surrender your ministry to cancans and snakes; instead, be a strong man because a man who fasts and prays is always vital and active in the spirit realm.


1. You Become Bold And Vibrant.

Easy-to-Read Version Acts 4:30-31

 Help us to be brave by showing us your power. Make sick people well. Cause miraculous signs and wonders to happen by the authority of Jesus, your holy servant.” After the believers prayed, the place where they were meeting shook. They were all filled with the Holy Spirit, and they continued to speak God’s message without fear.

Whenever we pray and fast, the Holy Spirit anoints us to be really brave. Boldness is essential in the spread of the gospel; without it, you cannot reach out to specific areas.

2. You earn favor with the Lord because fasting and prayer are signs of humility.

Easy-to-Read Version Daniel 10:11-12 The man in the vision said to me, “Daniel, God loves you very much. Think very carefully about the words I will speak to you. Stand up; I have been sent to you.” And when he said this, I stood up. I was still shaking because I was afraid. Then the man in the vision started talking again. He said, “Daniel, do not be afraid. From the very first day you decided to get wisdom and to be humble in front of God, he has been listening to your prayers. I came to you because you have been praying.

Remember what the word says. "Blessed are the spiritually impoverished." When you become reliant on the Lord, it demonstrates that you have no power of your own and rely on God. As a result, God will appear. As you spend time in prayer and fasting, He will have pity on you and you will win favor in His eyes.

Cornelius received favor from the Lord Jesus Christ because he was a devoted man who prayed and possessed weaponry. When you pray, you draw God's Grace.

Easy-to-Read Version James 4:6 But the kindness God shows is greater. As the Scripture says, “God is against the proud, but he is kind to the humble.”.

Easy-to-Read Version Ezra 8:21 There near the Ahava River, I announced that we all should fast. We should fast to make ourselves humble before our God. We wanted to ask God for a safe trip for ourselves, our children, and for everything we owned.

 3. Fasting And Prayers Can Help You Strengthen Your Intimacy With God. 

The more you fast and walk before the Lord, the more refreshed you will become. His presence brings refreshment. You are restored, and your intimacy with Him grows.

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