WHO IS A LOVER OF GOD? - by Philip Quateh



This is a significant question. People frequently ask this question because they want to know if they truly love God or if someone else truly loves God as they believe.

Loving God is similar to loving a man or a friend, but in this article you will learn more about that and how to love God more and more. To love God is to put Him first.

When you truly love God, you will always prioritize Him in all that you do. We may not be able to see God with our physical eyes, but we can love Him through His words. The more you obey His words, the more you value God.

Prioritizing God's words in your life is one of the most significant ways a Christian can love God.

 John 14:15 "If you love me, you will keep my commandments. 

These are some of the ways you can recognize a God-lover. Whatever you do, you must first consider God's word before proceeding. You do this to avoid offending Him, but you also do it to please Him all the time.

Easy-to-Read Version Psalm 119:11 I study your teachings very carefully so that I will not sin against you.

If you do not consider God's word before acting in a way that contradicts God's word, it means you have no affection for God and His things. You must consider this because it is one of the ways He determines how much you love Him.

Easy-to-Read Version John 15:9-10 “I have loved you as the Father has loved me. Now continue in my love. I have obeyed my Father’s commands, and he continues to love me. In the same way, if you obey my commands, I will continue to love you.

2. A Lover Of God Is Always Persistent And Patient

Patience and perseverance are two characteristics of love. If you truly love someone or something, you will work hard to fulfill your obligations as a friend, lover, or child of God.

People who love God never give up, no matter how difficult the situation becomes. The season becomes difficult, but this people perseveres in prayer, fasting, and Gospel preaching in order to bring others to faith in Christ.

Whatever trials and temptations you face in this world, you still love God and serve Him faithfully.

As Matthew 24:13 says "the love of many shall wax cold", this is about the end time. Yes we are in hard times and this time or season is making people greedy, lovers of the things of this world but for the lover of God despite how hard things have become he still trust God.

3.Hopes In God Always 

Easy-to-Read Version Psalm 46:1-3

God is our protection and source of strength. He is always ready to help us in times of trouble. So we are not afraid when the earth quakes and the mountains fall into the sea. We are not afraid when the seas become rough and dark and the mountains tremble. Selah

There's nothing that shakes a lover of God because he always put his hope in the Lord. Their hope comes from God and not this world nor the materialistic things. David said "my hope comes from the Lord who created the heaven and the earth". David became a man after the heart of God because he really trusted God and putted his hope in Him all the time.

4. Lover of God Does Not Love The Things of This World. 

It's as simple as the Bible says, "He who loves the world has not the love of the Father in Him."

Easy-to-Read Version 1 John 2:15 Don’t love this evil world or the things in it. If you love the world, you do not have the love of the Father in you.

The more you love the things of this world, the less you love the things of God. When you truly love God, you give up your entire world for Him.

You have no regard for the things of this world and what they can provide. What you do, choose, and talk about most of the time is what gushes out of your heart, and if it is of God's love, even men can tell.

Easy-to-Read Version Matthew 12:34 You snakes! You are so evil. How can you say anything good? What people say with their mouths comes from what fills their hearts.

5. A Lover Of God Is Not Ashamed To Announce Who God Is To Others. 

When you have a friend whom you adore, you tell everyone how wonderful he is and what wonderful things he has done. Dear ones, it takes a great passion or love for a man to speak to mankind about God.

Easy-to-Read Version Psalm 71:15-20 I will tell people how good you are. I will tell about all the times you saved me— too many times to count. I will tell about your greatness, my Lord God. I will talk only about you and your goodness. God, you have taught me since I was a young boy. And to this day I have told people about the wonderful things you do. Now that I am old and my hair is gray, don’t leave me, God. I must tell the next generation about your power and greatness. God, your goodness reaches far above the skies. You have done wonderful things. God, there is no one like you. You have let me see troubles and hard times, but you will give me new life; you will lift me up from this pit of death!

6. A Lover Of God Loves His  People

You cannot profess to love God or to have seen God while despising mankind.

What God's people do is exhibit kindness and generosity to those around them because they have been influenced by the character of Jesus Christ via the fruit of the Holy Spirit.

According to the Bible, if you cannot see humanity or people, you have not yet seen God.

A God-Lover loves not only in church but also outside of it. They exhibit a lot of affection to their neighbors and family members.

Easy-to-Read Version 1 John 4:7-8,12 Dear friends, we should love each other, because love comes from God. Everyone who loves has become God’s child. And so everyone who loves knows God. Anyone who does not love does not know God, because God is love. No one has ever seen God. But if we love each other, God lives in us. If we love each other, God’s love has reached its goal—it is made perfect in us.

7. A Lover Of God Eschews Evil

Easy-to-Read Version Psalm 97:10 Hate evil, you who love the Lord. He protects his followers and saves them from evil people.

Those who love God despise sin. They don't want to do anything that would anger God or ruin their souls. If you truly love God, you will always despise evil wherever you find it. You abhor evil, whereas some around you may like doing bad. While others are stealing, receiving bribes, and doing other things at work, you simply sit there and detest it.

Even among your friends, when you witness others fornicating, you resolve to offer your body as a live sacrifice to the Lord.

Beloved, these are some of the primary signs that reveal a person truly loves God.

God's lovers are always Jesus Christ's friends.

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