How To Fast And Pray For Hours

 How To Fast And Pray For Hours

How To Fast And Pray For Hours _ Faith For Living - Spiritual Tutorials

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Prayer is one of the ways we overcome daily. For a Christian to overcome the world, the devil and his agents, prayer is one of the greatest recommendable factor. 

Without prayers, you will sink deeper into destress and series of temptations.

Matthew 26:41

[41]Watch and pray, that ye enter not into temptation: the spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak. 

Now there are many people or Christians who cannot tarry in prayers, but in this spiritual tutorials, I am going to show you how you can tarry in prayers and fasting for long. 

First of all let take prayers. 

If you really want to keep long in prayers for hours or an hour, just read carefully and apply, there might be different ways or approach but this is a way I chose it has helped me a lot. 

1. Pray during midnight 

2. If you are a beginner just do it 30 minutes for some days 

3. Pray music or sermons whiles praying 

4. Move from 30 minutes to an hour 

5. Do it consistently no matter what. 

These are the steps, please if you take them seriously it will help you tarry for long in prayers and you shall not become weak.  


There is a spiritual research that shows that when you tarry during midnight your prayers are answered very faster and with that said you also become very powerful. 

There are many spiritual activities that happens when we go to our bed and sleep, but if we tarry for long and pray in 30 minutes as starters or beginners, we ask the Lord to go before us and we shall be successful. 

There are many demonic meetings that takes place during the midnight so as a Christian you have to also meet your God and terminate the evil plans, you also have to pray and ask God's protection for the day. 

Matthew 13:25

[25]But while men slept, his enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat, and went his way.


One thing that helped me when I started this journey is that, during the 30 minutes prayers, I I made sure I used 15 minutes to thank and worship God and the last 15 minutes was for intercession and other types of prayers.

So this kept me without being weak. Remember the bible tells us that our Thanksgiving should be more than our prayer request so you have to thank God more than the prayer request and it will help you tarry for long. 

No matter how long if you have been in the church if you are now starting the midnight prayers if you can't tarry for an hour please just make it 30 minutes. 


When you pray with worship songs that touches the heart and the spirit during midnight, it helps you go higher in the spirit realm to pray for long. 

When the song or the sermon is slow you may sleep, look for the worship or prayer songs you like best that can keep you in the prayers. 

Every word of God is powerful but when you want the kind of sermon to keep you in the midnight prayers you don't look for teachings, but you can look for a hot preachings sermon with prayers and it can help you. 


There is a research that shows that when one does something consistently for 21 days it becomes part of the person. In fact this is true. 

When you are able to persist for even more than the 21 days, you can now feel the 30 minutes is just a small time for your liking. The more you spend time consistently is the more you div deeper into the realms with more time. 

So when you start don't let any emotions destruct you, don't let any situation get you off and don't be so desperate about a particular thing but in everything pray and have faith. 


The more you persist the more you grow spiritually. 

When pray all the time you grow your spirit and you become very strong in the day time. You become very confident, bold and you are sharp to discern.

Don't stop no matter what, just pray and know you will touch many dimensions in the Lord and you prosper. 


People fast for days, hours and weeks. 

Well in this part of the tutorials I want you to know how to tarry for long and when to do certain fastings. 


Dry fasting is when you fast and pray for hours, days or weeks without drinking and eating any food. During this type of fast, most Christians hide themselves from their various houses to avoid disturbances from house or neighbors. 

People go to the mountains or even hire a hotel or any place away from their house most at times just to get peace of mind and tarry for long in the presence of God. 

The dry fasting can be from 6 O'clock in the morning to 6 O'clock in the evening or even to the next day depending on the time or day you want break the fasting. 

Such fasting are most at times done by Christians when they are convicted by the spirit to do so or when they want to touch heavens by pouring their heart to Abba Father. 

Non dry fasting is the type of fasting we so that can drink water or soft drinks and it can also be for days, hours or weeks. 

To be successful in these types or forms of fasting you have to know what you want from the Lord and you also have to be convicted to do so. 

Whiles you are keeping the body to silence your spirit man will becomes strong and you can do it for the subsequent days if you are doing the fasting for says. 

If you are doing the fasting for doing sake and you are not praying that's called staving and you may get ulcer if care is not taking. 

Make sure you keep your self secret and also believe in what you are doing else you will be destructed. 

God bless you!

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