You don't need to know the names of demons or fallen angels before you can overcome them, you need your Bible and you are done.

Some of you want to know how to overcome the devil as a Christian and you are reading a whole demonology books ūüėÖ. Can I tell you what? Please stop reading those books if your purpose is to overcome the devil and all the demons, you need obedience, faith and knowledge. You are done!!!!!¬†

We get faith from knowledge and faith produces obedience.

You need to know what is in the Bible, I tell you the gospel truth that the Bible is enough for you to become a mighty man in the spirit.

That's why by God's grace I have written *"Knowing And Overcoming The Tactics Of Satan and His Agnets"*... It is based on the scripture and whatever I have written is a tool for you to use to overcome the devil and all his incarnate.

 There is no much relevance in knowing where Beelzebub sits, sleep, walks, eats or drink. It is not important to know all the names of the demons as a Christian. Know that they all have one purpose and the word of God tells us. Just don't be ignorant and you will overcome them daily.

If you live a righteous life, your life on earth will be directed by God Himself. You don't have to control the demons, you don't have to know be worrying about them for is God directs your path, it will be unto you like there is no demon nor witch around you. Because the Lord will let you have enough peace.

 If you want peace be obedient to God. I am writing it unto you again, you will live on this earth as though demons does not know you. Demons do exist but when God directs your path and protects you, where is their power?

*"Know God, study His words and you will also know who the devil is. "*

 I am telling you the truth as a Christian, is not all knowledge you must seek. Be curious to know more but not from every book else you will fall easily. Even some Christian books written by some authors can mislead you. I love to increase knowledge, I love learning what is needed and important as well but it's not all sources that I consume.

Study the word of God, pray daily and you shall become mighty man in the spirit.

I believe there are Christians who are reading the 6 and 7 book of Moses. I beg, it's not important, it's not for you. If you don't take care by the time you finish reading some books then you are possessed.


 I know there many Christians and pastors, prophets who use or read Zadioc signs, who use the 6 and 7 books of Moses. It's dangerous thing you are using. You will fall under a strange power you don't know.

Please be careful, stop all these things and focus on your ministry.

 You've started reading palms, you've started using numbers, you've started seeing strange spirits in your dreams communicating with you and giving you things. You think it's the power of God. You are being exposed to witchraft. Soothsayer, Necromancers, Wicthes and wizards incarnates are now pastoring in many churches now.

Most of you are lost, you've become a servant for a didferent master.

 This why as a Christian you must develop God's spirit. Else this end time you will fall!!

Please you need the *spirit of Discernment.*

At least develop your spirit to come to the stage where you can detect people who are genuine and those who are not.

 That's why by the grace of the Almighty God I don't struggle to detect those who are of God and those who are not through discernment.

I watch many from the Tele, face to face and my spirit does not agree with what they are doing or saying. My spirit does not approve them as it detects them and so truly they may not be of God.

 Discernment of the spirit is a gift.

Truly there are others to they are born with it. They can detect things faster and know if those things are right or wrong.

It's different from discretion. Discernment can lead you to become discrete because through it you will make right selection.

You don't need spiritual eye before you can discern.

 Discernment judges through words, actions of a person etc.

When it's satan that is speaking you will know, if it's a false prophet or teacher that is speaking, you will detect it faster, you can even know the spirit of others. Time can be discerned, spirit are discerned, knowledge are discerned all to determine whether they are true or not.

 That's why when by God's grace I listen to some pastors on Tele, if you are lying I will know faster. Even you can know false prophets.

You can detect false teachers. Most of the time, when I listen to most of them I know they are liars.

Please this end time as a believe you need to get this gift. Else false teachers and prophet rising up this end time can deceive you easily.

This gift can make you so sensitive in the spirit. It can help you escape 

 It can also help you optimize your spiritual availability in the spirit realm.

Most of them times you will see from the Bible *"watch"*, but the truth of the matter is that when you don't have this gift some times you watching is some how limited.

What I am saying is not about spiritual eye nor ears. I am taking about Discernment. 

Even a prophet without discernment of the spirit can fail. It accompanies a lot of prophets in their prophetic ministry.

Most of the times the prophets that prophecy unto us also speaks from discernment but not from audiovisuals.

Please ask God to help you discern this end time. You really need it to overcome.

It's a very important tool. At least as a shepherd you need it. You have to discern what's happening, you must discern the times and the seasons. It will make you and your sheep escape from many evil.

I pray for you, may the Almighty Lord God unleash upon you the gift of discernment in Jesus name.

May He the Lord reveal unto who is of Him and who is not, may He reveal unto you the times and the seasons, may He give you debth in the knowledge of His words.

May you and I become mighty men, great men of Valor in Jesus name. Amen

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