How To Create A Peaceful Relationship As A Believer


How To Create A Peaceful Relationship As A Believer

How To Create A Peaceful Relationship As A Believer


How do you feel when you're in a peaceful relationship? Do you feel relaxed, at ease and in sync with your partner? If so, that's awesome! But if not, or if you'd like to create that feeling with your significant other, then this post is for you. We'll explore what makes relationships peaceful (and why many of them aren't). Then we'll look at what it takes to have one that truly reflects God's nature—His love for us, our trust in Him and His faithfulness.

Knowing God In A Real Way

In order to have a peaceful relationship, it’s important for you to know God in a real way. You can do that in three ways:

  • Know Him through His Word (The Bible). The Bible is God's instruction manual for your life. It tells us who God is and what He wants from us. If you want peace with God and others, then you must learn how to apply His word into everyday situations.

  • Know Him through prayer (talking with Him). When we talk about any kind of relationship-romantic or friendly-we always talk about communication as a key ingredient for positive results. Similarly, when it comes to the relationship between Christians and God, communication is essential because without it there will be miscommunication; therefore no peace will prevail! So let me ask: How often do you pray? Do you really take the time out of each day just so that you can hear what He has planned for each day? If not then I highly recommend making this an everyday part of your life!

Trusting God

As a believer, you have to understand that even though God has a plan for your life, He doesn't always tell you what the plan is. You need to trust Him even when it seems like He's not listening or there—even when it seems like He doesn't care about your problems. Trusting God means doing what He asks despite how much you don't want to do it or how badly things seem to be going.

When we are faced with hard times in life, our natural tendency is often to think something along the lines of "Why me? Why now?" Instead of asking questions like these, try going through this simple process instead:

  • Pray about it

  • Wait patiently on God's answer (and remember patience is a fruit of the Spirit!)

  • Put your faith in action by trusting Him and doing what He asks on your own initiative

God is good and He is faithful

The first step in creating a peaceful relationship is to know that God is good and He will never leave you.

He created you, redeemed you, and saved you!

No matter what happens in this life, God is faithful. (1 Corinthians 1:9)

You may go through some hard times, but don't fret...God has prepared something better for us (Romans 8:28).


There is no doubt that it can be challenging to maintain a peaceful relationship with your spouse, but it is possible. All that you need to do is keep God in the center of your marriage and trust Him. It may seem like a lot at first but as time goes on, things will get easier for both of you as long as you keep working hard at it!

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