Let Another Man Take His Office.

 Let Another Man Take His Office. 

Let Another Man Take His Office.

In late 2022, a peculiar dream captivated my thoughts. I saw men of God gathered in a queue, akin to an assembly, while famous Ghanaian spiritual leaders bestowed something upon them. However, what struck me was the revelation that when your turn came, you had to step aside and let another man take your place to receive the blessing. This dream held a profound lesson, and it was further affirmed when a fellow brother in Christ shared a video on Telegram that echoed the same theme. The message was clear—there is a time for succession and transition in leadership, and we must be prepared for it.

As I pondered the dream and its implications, it became evident that many people are not in line for their blessings and positions due to various reasons. Some have abandoned their roles, and when the Lord is ready to transfer power and authority to the next generation, they are nowhere to be found. Sin has caused some to fall out of alignment, leaving their positions vacant. The call to action is clear: align yourself with God's will, lest someone else takes your place.

Embracing the Mantle

Generations to come must be proactive in their pursuit of God's calling. A shining example is Joshua, who waited faithfully for Moses and was eventually anointed as the next leader. Prayer, patience, and humility are essential traits for those seeking to inherit the mantles of their predecessors. The scripture in Acts 1:20 aptly describes this concept, stating that when a leader's habitation becomes desolate, someone else will take up the role.

Pitfalls to Avoid

There are numerous stumbling blocks that can hinder our spiritual growth and ministry development. Covetousness, fueled by the love of money and the desire for recognition, has led many astray. A cautionary tale can be found in the story of Gehazi, Elisha's servant, who allowed greed to shorten his ministry. Similarly, Judas Iscariot's betrayal of Jesus for thirty pieces of silver highlights the peril of succumbing to the lust of the flesh.

Embracing Holiness

To walk in God's will and receive His blessings, holiness is imperative. Like Simon Peter, who reaffirmed his love for Jesus three times, we must demonstrate our love for God by caring for His sheep. Ministry, fame, or money should never surpass our love for the Lord and His calling. Only through love can we fulfill our mission and purpose in life.


In conclusion, the dream of men of God in a queue teaches us the importance of being in alignment with God's plan for our lives. Letting another man take our office signifies the passing of the torch and the necessity of embracing succession in leadership. To avoid being replaced, we must walk in holiness, shun covetousness, and love God above all else.


1. What was the significance of the dream mentioned in the article?

   The dream of men of God in a queue symbolizes the importance of succession in leadership and the need for alignment with God's plan.

2. What are some reasons why people are not in line for their blessings and positions?

   People may be absent from their positions due to sin, falling out of harmony, or not being prepared for the handing over of power and authority.

3. How can we embrace the mantle of leadership?

   To embrace the mantle of leadership, we must be aggressive in prayer, patient, and humble while waiting for God's timing.

4. What are some pitfalls that can hinder our ministry development?

   Covetousness, love of money, lust of the flesh, and pride are some pitfalls that can hinder ministry development.

5. Why is holiness important in fulfilling our mission?

   Holiness is crucial because it demonstrates our love for God and enables us to walk in His will, allowing us to fulfill our mission effectively. 

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