The most challenging system to work with is the human. Our nature is filled with cruelty and ingratitude. 

Many people in this world fail because they do not place their trust in the appropriate places. 

When you put your trust in someone, you believe that person will keep the commitments he or she has made to you. You also feel that person will be faithful to you and provide you with the peace of mind you require by not betraying you. 

Even if you pursue a bad spirit you know and worship as a deity, the deity will give you rules to follow as a guideline in your path with him, which the deity will not break unless you choose to move away from his laws and it becomes a total weight unto you.  

Many people are battling in life as a result of friends, family members, and so on. 

Easy-to-Read Version Genesis 8:21 The Lord smelled these sacrifices, and it pleased him. The Lord said to himself, “I will never again curse the earth as a way to punish people. People are evil from the time they are young, but I will never again destroy every living thing on the earth as I did this time.

People are wicked from the time they are young. Their hearts are rife with sins. 

 We can't trust ourselves anymore because we flatter so much, speak love when we can't live it, and have become into predators who entrap one another for our own personal advantage. 

We seek happiness from all while harming others. 

Easy-to-Read Version Psalm 12:1-2  Save me, Lord! We can no longer trust anyone! All the good, loyal people are gone. People lie to their neighbors. They say whatever they think people want to hear.

Flattering has become a love language now by force. Humans have a misleading tendency to think they love from the bottom of their hearts but actually despise anything that is nice. In this generation, good has been transformed into evil and vice versa, and anyone who upholds the virtues is despised by many. 

Even worse, putting your faith in people is a curse. Man will let you down and leave you alone.

One thing I have learned to avoid is flattery. The folks who praise you the most are the same people who can get you into trouble. The same people who sang Hosanna to celebrate the Lord Jesus Christ rose up against the son of God, Jesus Christ.

Easy-to-Read Version Jeremiah 17:5 This is what the Lord says: “Bad things will happen to those who put their trust in people. Bad things will happen to those who depend on human strength. That is because they have stopped trusting the Lord.

A lot of Africans trust in the whites more than God Himself because of their inventions but they forget human knowledge and wisdom has a limit.

Easy-to-Read Version Micah 7:2-6 By this I mean that all the faithful people are gone. There are no good people left. Everyone is planning to kill someone. Everyone is trying to trap their brother. People are good at doing bad things with both hands. Officials ask for bribes. Judges take money to change their decisions in court. “Important leaders” do whatever they want to do. Even the best of them is as crooked as a tangled thornbush. Your prophets said this day would come, and the day of your watchmen has come. Now you will be punished. Now you will be confused! Don’t trust your neighbor or trust a friend! Don’t even speak freely with your wife. Your enemies will be the people in your own house. A son will not honor his father. A daughter will turn against her mother. A daughter-in-law will turn against her mother-in-law.

The small secret you share with pals is out, so you can't ask someone to keep your secret. 

Because he trusted Delilah and confided in her, Sampson fell and perished before his time. 

Delilah was flattering on Sampson as if she truly loved Samson not knowing she was sent. 

The Woman that lied on the bosom of Sampson the strong man got him killed.

Even people we consider to be at their absolute finest are flawed. A lady knew a manager of someone's business who was a really kind and upright man. The woman asked the friend to help her find a job at his firm or the company he was managing because she has known the brother for years and has lived in the house for roughly one and a half years after finishing school. The lady knew the boss to be a devout Christian who feared God. When the lady told the manager she wanted to work at his company, the manager asked her to come to his house around 8:30pm. The lady agreed because she already knew the manager and she thought she'd get the job because of the rapour she has with the manager, but she also thought she might not be interviewed and she's hoping for good news from the manager around 8:30pm. To the lady's amazement, the manager, who is her friend and has been married to a lovely lady in the church for approximately three years, requested the sister looking for work to sleep with her before he give her the job. 

The lady was taken aback because she had not expecting the man to say such a thing. 

She felt disgraced and pity for the manager and decided to cancel the application.

"My wife is not around, she has traveled far away and she will not be back any time soon, so tonight is me and you, let us enjoy ourselves and I will offer you the job," the man stated again, beguiling and coaxing the lady to sleep with her. "I know you're a good Christian and you sing at church; don't be afraid because no one will see us; the pastor isn't here, so give me your body and I'm going to employ you."

We should only place our trust in God, who will never let us down. He keeps secrets and assists in successfully resolving issues without disclosing. 
People that are disloyal can be found in the family, in marriage, in school, at work, and even in the church. It is your power to guide your tongue and preserve your secrets; men look for others. Today, the more you create and keep friends, and the more you talk to them about your situation, the more vulnerable you will become. 

Be careful, life is short; making God your best friend will benefit you more than making man your external memory, which will shock you the day the person cracks. Leaders are also failing their own people. They make a mess of them and abandon them. Making promises to their own people and failing to keep them. 

People prefer power to their brothers and sisters. Be on the lookout, since I'd like to express myself more in this piece, and I wish it was an audible message. By the way, I've kept this brief because I'll preach about it and provide advise to you later. God bless you for reading, and may you continue to share and bless others.

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