Ministries Of Philip Quateh


Ministries Of Philip Quateh

Ministries Of Philip Quateh

Christ For All Campuses Outreach Network, founded by Philip Quateh in 2021, is a dynamic Christian campus mission organization dedicated to spreading the Gospel message and winning souls among students in Senior High Schools, Junior High Schools, and Tertiary Institutions. With a fervent passion for the Lord and a deep desire to see young people transformed by the power of Jesus Christ, Philip Quateh initiated this inspiring ministry to reach out to students in Ghana.

At Christ For All Campuses, our mission is rooted in the belief that every student deserves the opportunity to encounter the life-changing message of salvation. We understand the unique challenges and pressures that young people face on their academic journeys, and we are committed to offering them hope, guidance, and spiritual support.

One of our key initiatives is the Purity Campaign, which focuses on promoting and upholding the values of purity, both in mind and body, among students. Through seminars, workshops, and interactive sessions, we address the issues of sexual purity, moral integrity, and emotional well-being, emphasizing the importance of living a life that honors God and respects oneself and others.

Another significant event in our calendar is the Go Ye Global Conference. This conference brings together Christian leaders, speakers, and students from different campuses and backgrounds to inspire, equip, and empower them to be effective ambassadors for Christ. Through powerful worship, practical teaching, and engaging discussions, participants are encouraged to embrace their divine purpose and boldly share the Gospel in their respective spheres of influence.

We also conduct the Jesus Christ The Way Campaign, an evangelistic outreach program that seeks to introduce students to the person of Jesus Christ. We firmly believe that He is the way, the truth, and the life, and through this campaign, we aim to help students develop a personal relationship with Him. Through testimonies, Bible studies, and open-air gatherings, we present Jesus as the answer to life's questions, the source of hope, and the ultimate solution to the challenges students face.

Philip Quateh, the visionary leader behind Christ For All Campuses, has dedicated his life to the service of God and the transformation of young lives. His profound understanding of Scripture, coupled with his relatable teaching style, makes him an influential preacher and teacher among students. Philip's books, including "The Art and Power of Purity," "Burden of The Ministry," and "Knowing and Overcoming the Tactics of Satan and His Agents," further demonstrate his commitment to equipping believers with practical wisdom and spiritual insight.

In addition to his impactful campus ministry, Philip Quateh shares his thoughts and reflections through his blog, Gospel Tracts Daily. This platform allows him to reach a wider audience and provides valuable resources for daily spiritual growth. Philip's dedication to communicating the Gospel effectively has led him to compile these articles into books, which he releases monthly or quarterly, further enriching the lives of readers.

Through Christ For All Campuses Outreach Network, Philip Quateh and his team are lighting a flame of faith on campuses across Ghana. By organizing powerful Gospel Campaigns, offering discipleship programs, and providing a platform for students to grow in their relationship with God, we are witnessing lives transformed, students empowered, and a generation rising up to make a lasting impact for Christ.

As we press forward with the vision of Christ For All Campuses, we invite all students, teachers, and believers to join us in this vital mission of sharing the love, hope, and salvation found in Jesus Christ. Together, we can bring about a powerful spiritual awakening on campuses, fostering an environment where students can thrive academically, socially, and, most importantly, spiritually.

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