Direction is Very Important in Ministry

Direction is Very Important in Ministry

Direction is Very Important in Ministry

In ministry, direction plays a vital role, encompassing approximately 99 percent of the actions undertaken. It is crucial to understand that encountering prophets who possess spiritual insight does not automatically imply that they are sent by God to guide our life choices or receive their approval and anointing for ministry. Sadly, many individuals have lost their ministries due to following incorrect directions and misguided leaders. This chapter explores the significance of discerning true direction and emphasizes the need to rely solely on God to navigate the challenges of ministry.

 Table of Contents

1. The Deceptive Prophet

2. The Deceptive Influence

3. The Fatal Decision

4. The Minister's Downfall

5. The Importance of Discernment

6. The Deceptive Prophet's Temptation

7. The Consequences of Disobedience

 The Deceptive Prophet

A real-life example underscores the dangers of embracing wrong directions and ministers. Several years ago, there was a presiding elder in my local church, Newlife Pentecostal Ministries International, stationed at the Supunsu branch. Seeking solitude for prayer, the presiding elder retreated to the mountains. There, he encountered a Ghanaian Prophet infamous for numerous scandals. Astonishingly, this prophet accurately prophesied the purpose of the elder's seclusion, shedding light on the reasons for his fasting and prayers.

The Deceptive Influence

Captivated by the prophet's seemingly divine knowledge, the elder became one of his followers. Consequently, he abandoned his assigned branch and began preaching and conducting programs at the prophet's church. This decision alarmed the pastors, including the National Overseer, who recognized the dangers inherent in joining this prophet's ministry. The prophet's questionable practices clashed with the principles of God, making it a hazardous association. The elder faced a critical choice: either cease attending the prophet's church or resign from his position as a presiding elder.

The Fatal Decision

Disregarding the counsel of the National Overseer, the young elder opted to align himself with the prophet's church, forsaking his assigned branch and position. Tragically, he delved deeper into deception and began involving himself in distributing lottery numbers to people. This misguided path served as a cautionary tale, highlighting the consequences of failing to seek God's guidance before following men of God or allowing them to dictate one's life.

The Minister's Downfall

As the presiding elder continued down this treacherous path, his ministry unraveled. Eventually, he chose to sever ties with our church altogether. Consumed by bitterness, he resorted to attacking our Regional Overseer on information center, hurling insults without just cause. His misguided actions further extended to information centers, where he sought to counter the teachings of the Regional Overseer. It is worth noting that the elder's misguided spiritual father, whom he had encountered on the mountains, also claimed to be an angel of God in Ghana—a claim that reverberated through radios, TV stations, and social media platforms.

The Importance of Discernment

This cautionary tale underscores the critical need for caution and discernment when it comes to following men of God. While it is important to honor and respect spiritual leaders, one must place ultimate trust in God to navigate the challenges of ministry and ensure its endurance. The Bible reminds us in the book of John 8:44 that there are many liars in ministry who are children of the devil. Thus, it becomes paramount to seek guidance from the Lord and make careful decisions that align with His will.

The Deceptive Prophet's Temptation

The story of the man of God in 1 Kings 13 serves as a powerful illustration of the dangers of succumbing to deceptive influences in ministry. The man of God faithfully carried out his original assignment, confronting King Jeroboam with a prophetic message. However, when an old prophet deceived him by claiming that an angel had commanded him to bring the man of God back to his house, the man of God disobeyed God's specific instructions and suffered severe consequences.

The Consequences of Disobedience

This message serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of unwavering obedience to God's specific instructions. The man of God initially demonstrated faithfulness by carrying out his original assignment, confronting King Jeroboam. Yet, he faltered when faced with the alluring invitation of the old prophet, who deceived him into disobeying God's command.

The story underscores the need to discern the true voice of God and not be swayed by enticing offers or seemingly spiritual influences that contradict His revealed will. It also emphasizes the danger of relying solely on the words of others without seeking confirmation and guidance directly from God. Even those who appear to be prophets or spiritual authorities can be deceptive and mislead others if their teachings are not aligned with God's truth.

The tragic outcome of the man of God's disobedience reminds us that God's commands are not to be taken lightly. Disregarding His instructions can lead to severe consequences, as seen in the man of God's untimely death and the subsequent fulfillment of the prophetic word spoken against him.

In our own lives, we should strive to remain steadfast in following God's guidance, carefully discerning His voice and aligning our actions with His revealed will. Let us learn from the cautionary tale of the man of God and hold fast to the truth, never compromising our obedience to the Lord's instructions, no matter how enticing or persuasive external influences may be.


Direction is indeed vital in ministry. The examples of the deceptive prophet and the man of God serve as cautionary tales, reminding us of the dangers of following incorrect directions and misguided leaders. We must place our ultimate trust in God, seeking His guidance and discerning His will through prayer and the study of His Word. By prioritizing God's direction, we can navigate the challenges of ministry, safeguard our calling, and ensure the longevity and integrity of our work in serving God and His people.


1. Q: How can I discern true direction in ministry?

   A: Discerning true direction in ministry requires seeking God's guidance, studying His Word, and cultivating a discerning spirit through prayer.

2. Q: What are the consequences of following wrong directions in ministry?

   A: Following wrong directions in ministry can lead to the loss of one's ministry, misguided actions, and severe consequences.

3. Q: Why is it important to rely solely on God's direction in ministry?

   A: Relying solely on God's direction ensures that our choices and actions align with His will, safeguarding our ministry and ensuring its endurance.

4. Q: How can I avoid being deceived by false prophets or leaders?

   A:  Avoiding deception requires discernment, careful evaluation of teachings against God's Word, and seeking confirmation and guidance directly from God.

5. Q: What can we learn from the story of the man of God in 1 Kings 13?

   A: The story teaches us the importance of unwavering obedience to God's specific instructions and the dangers of succumbing to deceptive influences.

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