The Writing Ministry: A Divine Gift to Impact Lives

The Writing Ministry: A Divine Gift to Impact Lives

The Writing Ministry: A Divine Gift to Impact Lives


The Writing Ministry is a divine gift and talent bestowed upon individuals by God. Just as each person has unique gifts and talents, some men of God are blessed with the ability to write. The writing ministry holds immense power to impact lives on a massive scale, reaching audiences of thousands. In this article, I will share my personal journey of discovering my writing ability and the importance of honing the necessary skills to effectively use this gift. Whether you are already engaged in the writing ministry or are just starting out, I hope to encourage and inspire you to embrace your gift and touch lives through your writing.

Discovering the Gift

I personally discovered my writing ability when God touched me at the age of 15-16, while I was already fervently preaching the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. As I delved into the depths of the Bible, gaining profound insights, I felt compelled to diligently write them down in a book. By God's grace, I found myself able to write three to four pages a day, capturing the essence of what I had learned.

Imagination and Grammar Challenges

When I began my writing journey, an intriguing aspect unfolded. As I wrote the summaries of my Bible readings, I could vividly imagine myself preaching to crowds. However, during those early days, my grammar skills were far from perfect. Recognizing this, I sought the assistance of my elder sister, Abigail Quateh, who graciously proofread my writings. At times, she struggled to comprehend certain sentences, and I had to clarify my intended meaning. This experience taught me a valuable lesson—that while God may grant us the gift of writing, we must also acquire the necessary skills to utilize it effectively.

The Importance of Skills and Experience

My writing journey has been a testament to the wonderful ways in which God works. Although I possessed the gift of writing, I encountered grammatical errors during my junior high school (JHS) days. However, through the touch of the Lord and His anointing at a young age, I have since acquired numerous skills and experiences that have greatly enhanced my writing abilities. These improvements have allowed me to provide clarity in my writing, ensuring that readers can better understand the message I seek to convey.

When God grants a gift and we utilize it persistently and effectively, we gain authority in that particular field and acquire additional skills. My journey in the writing ministry has not been solely about praising myself or showcasing my progress. Instead, my intention is to encourage individuals who possess the gift of writing but may be unsure of how to begin using it. It is important to recognize that no one starts out as a professional writer. In the initial stages, mistakes will be made, but it is through these mistakes that we learn and improve.

In 2018, after completing senior high school (SHS), I continued utilizing my writing gift to aid my ministry on WhatsApp. Through a group called "Body of Christ Evangelism," I shared the Word of God with many people. By the grace of the living God, I preached to them daily and realized that I possessed the ability to write rapidly. I sensed the Spirit of God at work within me, as the words flowed effortlessly without prior planning. The Holy Spirit inspired me to write even more, and I witnessed how people were blessed and encouraged through my writings.

While my English skills were not perfect at the time, they were clear enough to be understood. Men of God and my colleagues who were part of the platform daily encouraged and affirmed the truth of my preaching. Inspired by these experiences, I decided to embark on a blogging journey and created my own platform, the "Philip Quateh Broadcast Channel," in 2018. As time progressed, I ventured into different blogs and journals in 2020, further enhancing my writing skills.

God's Grace and Continuous Growth

Through my journey, I can honestly say that it was God who enabled me to acquire these skills and expand my writing abilities. I learned everything by His grace, relying on His guidance. It is essential to understand that no one starts as a perfect writer. However, as we continue to utilize our gift and remain faithful to our calling, we become more proficient. God faithfully expands our knowledge, anointing, and writing skills, empowering us to touch more lives through our His Words.

The Writing Ministry: A Grace and Calling

If you know in your heart that God has called you to the writing ministry, understand that it is a grace in itself. Do not give up, but instead, embrace the opportunities to learn and grow in your writing journey. Seek to develop the skills that will facilitate your writing and make your messages more appealing to readers. Remember, God equips those He calls. As you persist in your ministry, you will witness His hand expanding your horizons and granting you the ability to touch countless lives through your writing.

FAQs about The Writing Ministry

1. How can I discover if I have the gift of writing?

Discovering your writing gift involves exploring your passion for writing, embracing the joy it brings, and recognizing the impact your words can have on others. Engage in writing exercises, seek feedback, and observe the response of readers to your work.

2. Can I develop my writing skills even if I struggle with grammar?

Absolutely! Writing skills can be developed over time, even if you initially struggle with grammar. Seek assistance from proofreaders or editors to improve your grammar and invest time in studying grammar rules. Better still, there are apps or websites that can help you or guide you construct good sentences Consistent practice and learning will help you overcome grammar challenges.

3. How can I improve my writing clarity?

To enhance clarity in your writing, focus on organizing your thoughts, using clear and concise language, and providing relevant examples or illustrations. Proofread your work and seek feedback to ensure that your message is effectively conveyed to your readers or use tools like paraphrasers and Grammarly to help you better your English.

4. Is it necessary to have a perfect command of the English language to excel in the writing ministry?

While having a strong command of the English language is beneficial, it is not a prerequisite for excelling in the writing ministry. Clear communication and an ability to connect with readers are more important. Focus on improving your language skills while maintaining authenticity and effectively conveying your message.

5. How can I use my writing to impact lives?

To impact lives through your writing, focus on addressing relevant topics, sharing personal experiences, and offering practical insights. Connect with your readers on an emotional level and strive to provide inspiration, encouragement, and guidance through your words.

6. How can I overcome writer's block and stay motivated in the writing ministry?

Writer's block can be overcome by establishing a writing routine, seeking inspiration from various sources, and engaging in activities that stimulate creativity. Surround yourself with supportive individuals who can encourage and motivate you during challenging times.


The Writing Ministry is a divine gift that enables individuals to impact lives through the power of words. Embrace your writing abilities and continually seek to develop the necessary skills to effectively utilize this gift. Remember that growth comes through persistence, learning from mistakes, and relying on God's grace. If you are called to the writing ministry, understand that it is a unique grace bestowed upon you. Don't give up!

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